Teacher adapts truck and creates mobile classroom to serve children without internet access


Text: Monica Nunes

When we are passionate and committed to the work we do, it is very difficult to surrender in the face of any adversity. But pandemic caused by the new coronavirus he brought big challenges for humanity, among them the facing numerous limitations: mobility, space, agility, freedom, privacy… not to mention material limitations.

Regarding education, the solution, a priori, was to transfer the classes to the internet. But, unfortunately, this technology is not accessible to everyone, in different aspects. There are many children without access to this technology at home, not only for lack of signal, but for lack of conditions to have a minimally compatible equipment. And more: there are children who do not adapt to virtuality, cannot learn on the computer screen and get tired very easily.

It was with these questions that he faced nay, elementary school teacher Apaseo el Grande, in the state of Guanajuato, in central Mexico. But, in order not to leave his students without classes or late due to lack of concentration, he found a brilliant solution, which could only come from someone very dedicated to his craft and those who depend on it.

Creative, adapted to back of your truck, the bucket, equipping it with a table and two chairs, and promised to go to each student's house to teach. So every day, she turns the family car into a mobile classroom and goes out “in search” of his students.

Of course nay take all hygiene precautions for avoid contagion. Teaching one student at a time and outdoors is already part of this commitment. In addition, everyone uses protection mask and keep the biggest detachment possible. The teacher also changes the mask for each new student and keeps alcohol gel available for the asepsis of hands and objects, whenever necessary.

a photo of nay teaching one of his students in his mobile classroom, published on Twitter (below), went viral, and turned the teacher into an example of dedication, commitment and resilience. No wonder it is here, too, in this simple post.

Those who love what they do, do not recognize limits. In the face of adversity, he is able to overcome barriers that in the eyes of many may seem insurmountable and become an inspiration to the world. And all we need, in this moment of a pandemic, is inspiring people, huh?

Long live Nay! Long live all the dedicated teachers who place above all their commitment to teaching children to seek a fairer and healthier future. If you know of a cool initiative like this, write to us! We'd love to meet inspiring teachers like Nay and tell their stories here on the site.

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