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Thanks to its 3300-HP, 9.2-liter V8 this 4-second Chevy Chevelle lit up the track

How fast can a classic car be? At least as fast as this '66 Chevrolet Chevelle, which is impressive in every sense of the word.

It's primarily the work of Craig Shefchik, and today it's featured on Race Your Ride on YouTube so everyone can see and hear the incredible build. The 'Bitchin' Chevelle is white and mostly featureless, but you can still tell which classic nameplate it's based on.

Just a year old, the performance car has become far more powerful than the original Chevelle's designers could have ever imagined. Here are the details.

'Bitchin' '66 Chevelle Drag Car Creates a Show at Byron Dragway

Part of the drag racer's weirdness comes from its bare appearance, the front is devoid of any trim, grille or other colors, and the sides are just as clean.

There is a hole for the ProCharger in the lower bumper, which indicates the potential of the car. Under the hood and connected to that supercharger is the 9.2-liter 'AJPE' (based on Alan Johnson) aluminum V8 built by Fowler Engines in Ohio, producing 3300 hp.

Other details include a Fuel Tech EFI system and many other parts., including an intriguing part called 'Frankenstein billet intake' – perhaps it's this part that gives the car its spooky sound.

Craig is responsible for the chassis, bodywork, electronics and fuel system, and Sandra Shefchik is also present at Byron Dragway for the car's last chance qualifying test for the Top Dog racing series.

How Much Does a Classic '66 Chevy Chevelle Cost in 2023?

We can hear the commentator as Craig's ProCharger-equipped Chevelle pulls into the lane, saying it's one of the loudest cars they've ever owned on the property.

He does the traditional burnout and lines up for the first pass of the eighth mile, which is done in style, with a time of 4:42 at 176 km/h, while the second time he manages a 5:15 at 156 km/h , for having a little problem on the way down and kicking a little.

On the second pass, he goes up against a black Chevy Camaro SS that clocks a 4:96 at 117 mph. This build '66 Chevy Chevelle has a lot of potential and considering the many hours of work and all the components it would be difficult to guess its value; but a classic Chevelle is easier to put a number on.

According to Hagerty, a 4.6 liter 1966 Chevy Chevelle is only worth US$ 10,000. Classic.com suggests the '66 Chevelle is worth an average of $ 54,000, which includes more desirable models like the SS-396.

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