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The abandoned dealership with classic cars

A YouTuber found this old abandoned New England dealership that's home to a treasure trove of classics gathering dust.

Have you ever walked past an old abandoned building and wondered what could be hiding inside? That's exactly what the YouTuber John Amesie did while driving through a small New Hampshire town on the way to find an abandoned vehicle.

When he spotted a cluster of dilapidated buildings on the side of the street, with a few classic cars old and rusty on the front, he decided to stop and take a closer look.

The place looked completely abandoned, with many broken windows and discarded garbage around. The wooden doors on a long section of one of the buildings facing the side of the road looked rotten. And parts of the roof had completely collapsed. Sitting on the sidewalk opposite was an old, rusty Lincoln Continental with a 'For Sale' sign on it.

But when John took a look inside the buildings, he discovered a cave of classic Aladdin cars.

Several very desirable vintage cars were scattered inside, silently gathering dust. In one of the more stable sections of the buildings, behind a large window, he found a white Ford Mustang convertible. It looks like it's in pretty good shape, apart from a few inches of dust. And on the glass inside the window was a handwritten car inventory list. Some highlights from the list include a 1941 Ford Woodie Wagon, a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible, a 1977 Corvette, and more. It's unclear how old the list is, but it's pretty clear he stumbled upon a vintage car dealership. A place that seems to have not seen life in decades.

John wanders through the buildings and looks through some small broken windows. He sees a really cool red Thunderbird, and each window reveals a new treasure. Some classic cars inside are partially covered in canvas, so it's hard to tell exactly what make and model they are. But it is highly likely that they are on the list above. In an easily accessible part of the building it looks like a bomb has exploded.

It's a very sad sight. The whole roof collapsed on an old Buick and an old seagrave fire truck, and daylight is shining on them. Parts of the place look so bad he could be filming in an old junkyard.

Revisiting the abandoned dealership a few months later

When he returns to the same location three months later, John is eager to see what happened to the cars. His first video received a lot of interest and many of his followers asked to see them again. This time he's done some research on it, and the place seems to have a rather sad story behind it.

The place was once called the South Weare Ford dealership. And the family that owned it unfortunately went through difficult times. Apparently, after a death in the family, they abandoned him. The plot and the cars still remain under the family's ownership, but for years, possibly decades, they haven't given a damn about it.

This time, he notices some changes. One of the Cadillacs is gone. And there are new signs up front promoting everything for sale. But the cars on the sidewalk are still in place and the old fire truck is still there, now covered in snow. In another section of the building, he sees a Chrysler Imperial buried in the dust, crushed next to two other old cars, which he didn't film on his previous visit.

One year after the first visit to the dealership

A year after his first visit, he takes a trip back to the old dealership. And this time there are some even more notable changes. The section of roof collapsed onto the old fire truck and disappeared. The fire truck is now parked on an open piece of concrete and the Buick is gone too. The remaining buildings appear to be safer. Some windows are now closed and the heavily weathered external doors are now tightly closed. When he looks inside them, some of the cars that were there last time are also gone. The white Mustang convertible is still there, albeit covered in more dust. And the interior of the former showroom that houses the extremely desirable Ford is practically as it was on your first visit.

John questions what could have happened to the missing cars. Did they go to new buyers? Or did someone remove the vehicles without the owners consent? It's hard to say. But one thing that's clear, is that with the level of interest he's aroused in the place, it's definitely not abandoned anymore.

It is a great find and one that has received global attention. And it would be a shame to see John making future annual trips to this place and only finding it in the same old dilapidated state, lost in time. What would be really great would be to see these lovely vintage cars restored back to their former glory. And what would be even better is if someone bought the property, along with the cars, and restored everything (buildings and cars) back to a classic car dealership. Because it certainly has all the right ingredients for it.

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