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The classic Mercedes 560 SEL AMG is after a new owner at auction

Today, AMG is a big name and is associated with the eminent automaker Mercedes-Benz and also has enormous merit in the dominance that lasted for years in Formula 1.

But back when Germany was divided, when im Berners Lee was in the process of inventing the internet, AMG was an aftermarket tuner.

At that time, in 1989 to be precise, the model 560 SEL AMG 6.0 was created in the AMG workshop.

The classic Mercedes 560 SEL AMG

The most expensive and most powerful Mercedes S-Class was used as the basis for the design, and its 5,547 V8 engine in the standard 560 SEL cc model developed 275 HP.

However, at AMG, they increased the volume to six liters, installed AMG DOHC cylinder heads with four valves, a new intake and exhaust system, and after these modifications, the power was increased to a conservative estimate of 380 hp.

In addition, the torque is twice as high and was around 800 Nm. The top speed is 290 km/h.

Inside, there are leather-wrapped seats with electronic adjustment.

The car will be sold at RM Sotheby's auction, and the new owner is estimated to shell out between $90,000 and $120,000.

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