The 9 Wheel Harley Rig is sensational

Did you already know the 9 wheel Harley Rig?


In recent days, one of the best motorcycle museums, Wheels Through Time, has exhibited a sensational motorcycle: a 9-wheel Harley Rig. That's right, it's a Harley-Davidson with a kind of cabin built around it, four wheels behind the front wheel, plus a trailer with four other wheels in the back.

Plus, there are dual exhausts and other trims to make it look like a mini-truck. This motorcycle has been famous for some time, but even if you've seen it, you might not know much about its origins.

In 1989, Kenny Kilpatrick and his wife Jane had a dream. The couple, who lived in Alabama, manufactured what would become the 9-wheel Harley Rig, completing the work in 1990. As you can imagine, the thing immediately caught the attention of many people.

Kilpatrick had Harley-Davidson's blessing to use the company's iconic logos in the cabin and trailer. It was a smart move that some companies would have held back out of fear of the unknown. Instead, Harley allowed this incredibly unique machine to become a mobile billboard for their brand, which seems to have worked well.

Not only did Harley allow their logo to be used on the 9-wheel Harley Rig, the company sponsored the build by donating the engine. Dunlop became involved as a sponsor by donating the wheels. Considering how many people were stunned by this unique event, these sponsorships were wise.

In the trailer there is a living room. There is a bench to sit and relax, pictures framed on the wood-paneled walls, mirrors, armoires, TV with VCR and a large bed. Kilpatrick even had the foresight to install mirrored skylights that are smoked to blend in with the outside, but inside let in lots of daylight.

In its time, the 9-wheel Harley Rig certainly went viral. He toured the mainland of the United States and also traveled to Germany, wowing crowds that had never seen anything like it before. The creation has been entered into several programs, winning a number of first-place awards.

Kenny Kilpatrick fell ill and eventually died in early 2021. He had previously visited Wheels Through Time and really got along with the owner. As a result, his dying wish was for his creation to be preserved in the motorcycle museum, a wish his widow saw fit to fulfill.

Aesthetically, this unique motorcycle is in fantastic shape. However, there are some issues with the electrical wiring, transmission, brakes, and engine. Considering the kind of work this museum has done on rare vintage motorcycles over the years, getting everything to work right down to the smallest detail is a certainty.

On display at Wheels Through Time, anyone who visits will be able to get a closer look at the unique creation and gain an even greater appreciation for what it represents. Plus, future generations may be amazed at the ingenuity and attention to detail left behind by Kenny Kilpatrick.

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