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Indian is making a motorcycle that will give the Harley-Davidson Nightster sleepless nights

When thinking of American motorcycles, you certainly think of two brands, Indian Motorcycle and Harley-Davidson. Two historic manufacturers with a focus on heritage and style with their motorcycles, they've battled it out for years to take the crown as the best American motorcycle brand. Harley-Davidson is probably the most popular brand, but Indian Motorcycle might be beating it on the road. The Harley-Davidson Nightster and Indian Scout are among the most comparable bikes the two brands make, and for 2023 it looks like Indian has taken the lead. Through performance, variety and style, Indian is producing a bike that can beat Harley-Davidson and give the Nightster sleepless nights.

Indian Scout is better than Harley-Davidson Nightster in every way

If you're looking for a refined, robust and well-performing motorcycle, want an Indian Scout instead of a Harley-Davidson Nightster. Both bikes are similarly styled, offering a tough, muscular look with refined options included. The real difference comes down to the engine. Both bikes utilize a 60-degree liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. The Nightster's engine is a 975cc engine producing 90 horsepower and 70 ft-lb of torque. The Scout's best engine is 1,133cc, producing 100 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque. The Scout is also slightly more efficient than the Nightster, getting 58.8 miles per gallon to the Harley's 52.4. The Nightster doesn't have a listed top speed, but the Scout can top out at 128 mph.

In addition to performance, the Scout trumps the Nightster in variety. The Nightster only comes in two different models, the Nightster and the Nightster Special. The Nightster Special doesn't really change much beyond the look of the bike, as the performance is exactly the same. Scout is completely different. There are seven different Scout trims for the 2023 model year, all with different styling and performance for any rider's needs. Price is also an important factor when choosing a bike, and once again, the Scout wins this battle. A Harley-Davidson Nightster costs from US$ 13,499, while the most expensive Indian Scout model costs US$ 13,249. The Scout really blows the Nightster out of the water.

Scout offers a variety of different finishes for your specific taste.

The Indian Scout is available in seven different finishes to suit any rider's tastes. From cheapest to most expensive, Indian offers Scout Bobber Sixty, Scout Rogue Sixty, Scout Sixty, Scout Bobber, Scout Rogue, Scout and Scout Bobber Twenty. Each of these bikes offers a unique style to appeal to all different brands of riders. The standard Scout has a classic look with fenders and bodywork that use iconic Indian Motorcycle styling for a timeless look. Scout Bobbers are for riders who want a heavier, more robust bike, and these modes offer a old school custom look that will turn heads. The Scout Rogues are the most aggressive and performance-oriented bikes on the count line and should be the boldest and most expressive bikes in the Scout family.

Every Indian Scout is extremely customizable and almost every feature can be changed to suit your tastes and requirements. Handlebars, exhausts, spokes, suspension, seats and more can be swapped out for different components to make your Scout uniquely yours. The Scout also comes with a smaller engine option with the Scout Sixty featuring a tame 983cc engine with a five-speed gearbox to the bold 100 horsepower, 1,133cc engine mated to a six-speed gearbox. Whether you want to take your bike down canyon roads at exhilarating speeds or comfortably cruise around town, there's a Scout that has you covered for every scenario.

The Indian Scout is powerful and agile, making it a perfect “do anything” bike.

Scout is fast and reliable. The roadster accelerates smoothly without any lag or play and the engine revs and revs smoothly. The Scout Bobber, the mid-priced road model, is probably the best option in the Scout family. It has a slightly higher ride height. This deals with some of the Scout uncomfortable ride complaints while still being able to utilize the biggest engine Indian Motorcycle supplies for the Scout.

As medium-weight cruisers go, the Scout is nearly perfect. Good looks, good value, and an engine that runs like clockwork that won't let you down. It can tear through canyons while also being light and agile in narrow alleys and city streets. Some people say the Scout is average or bland and say it doesn't do anything other than what a cruiser should do, but why should it. The Indian Scout masters what a cruiser should be and does it so well that there's no point in changing. An Indian Scout will do anything you ask and is a wise choice over a Harley-Davidson Nightster.

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