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The Ioniq 6 can run 614 km on a single battery charge

Hyundai introduced the production edition of the previously revealed Prophecy concept model in July, and the Ioniq 6 represents the continuation of the current one. electrical history that the South Korean automaker kicked off with the eye-catching Ioniq 5 model.

And while much is said about the appearance of the Ioniq 6's body, Hyundai points out that the car's steeply sloping roofline brings with it an extremely low coefficient of air resistance, which, among other things, helps it achieve a considerable on a single battery charge.

In accordance with the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure) standards, customers who opt for the most economical variant of the Ioniq 6 can expect to drive up to 614 kilometers on one battery charge (77.4 kWh), and the highest range is reserved for a car (smaller) 18-inch wheels with an electric motor and transmitting power to the rear axle only.

Combined with the two-axle drive, which is responsible for two electric motors, the Ioniq 6 will exceed 583 kilometers with the aforementioned battery capacity on one charge. If customers opt for larger 20-inch wheels, the range will be less by sixty kilometers in both cases.

The shortest range (429 kilometers) is achieved by the standard and more accessible version with 18-inch wheels, an electric motor, rear-wheel drive and with batteries with a capacity of 53 kWh.

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