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The super rare Lancia Delta Restomod is on sale for a shocking price - Find out how much!

The Lancia Delta Integrale is one of the most famous cars in history, so much so that a car enthusiast company decided to make its reinterpretation of the car original and its creation took the name of Automobili Amos Delta Futuristica.

After its debut a few years ago, one of the Automobili Amos models hit the used car market with just over a few miles of delivery.

Automobili Amos founder Eugenio Amos unveiled the car in early 2018 and promised to build a total of no more than 20 examples.

Each has a mostly carbon fiber body and a 330 hp engine.

The original model only had 197 hp, so the power increase required a new air intake, a new exhaust system, an updated intercooler, and a new ECU tuning to get the most out of its performance.

That power is sent to all four wheels through a heavy-duty 5-speed manual transmission with a rebuilt limited-slip differential at the rear.

More details of Automobili Amos Delta Futuristica

The bodywork modifications aren't limited to a few carbon fiber panels: Automobili Amos removed the Integrale's rear doors, turning it into a much stiffer hatchback.

Unlike the car first shown in the press, this car has a Martini-style strip running from nose to rear.

The EvoCorse “Turbofan” alloy wheels are in the body color. In total, the entire car weighs just 1250 kg.

The interior is decorated in red and black Alcantara, aluminum pedals, Recaro sport seats and even a rocket-shaped “Overboost” button.

The model's price on the used market has nearly doubled and is now offered at a shocking US$ 649,950.

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