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The Tesla Model Y surprises and surpasses any other car in safety tests

O Tesla Model Y recently received the highest rating for driver and passenger safety, according to tests conducted by Euro NCAP.

The North American brand model received the maximum rating of 5 stars, with high values in practically all tests carried out, which guarantees that the vehicle has the necessary safety conditions for drivers and passengers.

O Y model beat other cars that were also being evaluated in the same test, such as: Alfa Romeo Tonale, Cupra Born, DS4 (with safety package, Genesis GV60, Kia EV6, KIA Niro (with safety package), Kia Sportage, Lexus NX, Mercedes Citan Tourer, Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes T-Class, Volkswagen Multivan, Volvo C40 Recharge, Renault Mégane E-Tech, Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Taigo.

The set of scores obtained in the four tests performed as; driver and passenger protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian and cyclist protection, and active safety systems, found the Tesla Model Y to be superior to the other cars analyzed.

The tests were carried out under strict parameters, to ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition in possible accidents or eventualities.

The best car for adult protection

In the case of the adult occupants, it scored 97% (more than any other car tested in this round) during the test, which indicates that there is excellent knee protection regardless of the size of the occupants, with all critical body parts well protected.

The model also reached 98% in the test of assistance and safety mechanisms, which encompass the safety features integrated into the vehicle's own system.

Side impact protection was also excellent, and the car also comes with a post-impact brake lock system to prevent further collisions.

The Tesla Model Y has less aggressive potential in cases of pedestrian being hit by a pedestrian

In the hit-and-run test it obtained 82%, being surpassed only by the Lexus NX (83%).

Some bumpers that don't damage pedestrians as much as others and a hood that hurt a person's head and pelvis far less than others play in your favor.

But they also benefit from an emergency braking system that does a good job of detecting pedestrians and cyclists.

Euro NCAP also praised Tesla for its camera system used to identify potential hazards while driving, and which prevents collisions with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

“Tesla has shown that nothing but the best is good enough for them, and we look forward to seeing them continue to aspire to that goal in the future,” said Michiel Van Ratingen, secretary general of Euro NCAP, in a statement.

Tesla has previously stood out for the security offered in its vehicles

Historically, Tesla has achieved high safety ratings thanks to its underlying architecture, which makes the car more rigid and better protects passengers.

The battery's location on the floor of the vehicle also gives Model Y and other Tesla vehicles a lower center of gravity, which improves road stability and lessens the chance of a rollover.

Tesla's other three vehicles, the Model S, Model X and Model 3, also received five-star Euro NCAP ratings.

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