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StartcarsThe Traxxas Ford Bronco Raptor is perfection in replica form

The Traxxas Ford Bronco Raptor is perfection in replica form

After 25 years of absence from the market, the Ford Bronco has returned as Ford's best performing 4X4, becoming one of vehicles America's most desired off-roaders.

And now Traxxas, one of the best-known manufacturers of radio-controlled off-road vehicles, has built an exquisitely detailed replica of the 1:10 scale battery-powered SUV model.

Traxxas Ford Bronco Raptor is a replica that borders on perfection

At its 1:10 scale, Traxxas has captured the finest detail of the full-size Ford Bronco Raptor and it looks extremely desirable.

The Ford block lettering on the front is on this replica, spanning the width of the two-piece rectangular grille, even the headlights look exactly like the LED lights on the real Bronco.

The Ford Performance-specific modular steel front bumper has also been minutely detailed.

The model features a pair of tow hooks on the front bumper and the bulge on the full-size Bronco Raptor's hood also appears on this version, giving the impression that there's a twin-turbo engine lurking underneath.

All panels, flared fenders and door inserts have arrived in the reduced model.

Wide front fenders and rear panels give the radio-controlled Bronco Raptor the rugged look of its full-size clone.

Replica presents more details

The TRX4 Ford Bronco Raptor is powered by a Titan 21T reverse rotation engine that has an internal cooling fan.

The engine is linked to a remote-shift, high- and low-range two-speed transmission, which receives dual horizontal shafts and a dual friction plate slipper clutch.

The entire unit can be removed for maintenance. Portal axles ensure good ground clearance, improve axle geometry and reduce stress on drive shafts.

Pre-assembled 1.9-inch Canyon Trail tires are also featured on this replica.

With prices starting at US$ 549, the Traxxas version is much more affordable than the traditional Bronco Raptor version.

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