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This amazing house on wheels, Ward, offers comfort and complete space to live well

It is Modern house compact on wheels doesn't look small. The Ward is cleverly designed to make you feel like you're in a full-sized home.

This vehicle has many functions per square meter, managing to include all the amenities you need to live in comfort.

Ward was designed by Movable Roots, a small Arizona construction company known for creating functional mobile homes that balance comfort and style.

Ward's Specifications

This home sits under an 8.5 meter triple axle trailer, and while on the outside it may look like it doesn't offer much space, the trailer manages to fit all the amenities you need into over 27.8 square meters.

The Ward's design is based on a popular Movable Roots custom build called Cavin, but includes some special features created specifically to adapt to the customer's needs and requirements.

The house on wheels has a bright living room with a comfortable sofa, a fully equipped kitchen with necessary appliances and a large loft bedroom.

The latter is equipped with a queen size bed, two closets with open shelves and a cubicle. Underneath the loft is the bathroom, which features a large tiled shower, an Incinolet toilet, a sink and an LED mirror.

Next to the bathroom there is a 3 square meter area where the owner can include a small table and add a custom closet.

The vehicle also excels in storage space, packing function into every square foot.

Ward pricing starts at $ 129,999. But if you want to have the unit furnished and designed exactly as pictured, you will have to pay $ 149,999.

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