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StartcarsThis is the AERWINS XTurismo, a futuristic flying motorcycle that will arrive in...

This is the AERWINS XTurismo, a futuristic flying motorcycle that will soon hit the market

At automotive events you can see the latest developments related to mobility, but there are also other things that are much more curious.

For example, a futuristic flying motorcycle that was announced in Detroit Motor Show and that will soon reach the American market.

The motorcycle called AERWINS XTurismo, wants to become a recreational vehicle and a surveillance vehicle for government institutions.

It is capable of carrying a person and is equipped with a wide range of sensors and cutting-edge technology to offer different mobility solutions that can become a reality in a short time.


This motorcycle is equipped with a hybrid engine

Unlike other similar models, the AERWINS XTurismo has a hybrid engine. Therefore, it works on both electricity and gasoline.

This allows the motorcycle to have a greater range than other similar vehicles. The power developed by its engines was not disclosed, but it is known that it can carry out a flight of up to 40 minutes, with a maximum speed of 100 km/h, carrying a passenger.

The weight of this vehicle is 299 kg, something that must be considered when dealing with a flying motorcycle.

But these types of vehicles have several problems for real-world use.

AERWINS XTurismo issues

To begin with, there are several drawbacks of a legal nature.

A flying vehicle needs a special license in many countries, this could mean its use is limited to enclosed spaces, which wouldn't be bad news.

Its use as a surveillance vehicle would be a good option and would pave the way for its commercialization.

The other problem is its estimated value of $$ 777,000, so it's only available to a few lucky and rich people who can drive a hypercar, for example.

In Japan there is no need for a special license, so there could be a wider deployment in that market.

In the United States, on the other hand, you have to train to be able to fly one of these flying vehicles.

To improve its launch in the United States, it is expected to launch a smaller version with less autonomy at a cost of US $ 50,000.

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