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This is the MAX 3 Six-Wheeler, an armored version of the Toyota Land Cruiser J70 that captures drones

the Toyota land cruiser It is one of the most sought after SUVs in the world. Its characteristics make it a vehicle prepared to face very complicated terrains and situations where driving flexibility is essential.

It is true that the J300 version has just been introduced, but there are several countries that continue to have the J70 variant since 1984.

The funny thing is that even today the model is in high demand and thinking about it, the armored vehicle manufacturer SVI Engineering decided to make its version of the model.

Meet the MAX 3 Six-Wheeler

This model was named MAX 3 Six-Wheeler and was presented during the Africa Aerospace and Defense Show.

The Max 3 Six-Wheeler was equipped with a third axle, which is placed at the rear. In addition, the second axle was modified so that the wheels were aligned with the front ones, offering greater stability and control to the driver.

All four rear wheels use disc brakes so control in tight spots is also improved.

Aesthetically, the changes were quite radical. It is difficult to point out many similarities with the model on which it is based, with the exception of the interior of the vehicle.

The proposed model is the double-cab variant, but the manufacturer says there will soon be a single-cab version.

This version currently has a shield protection level of EN1063 BR6. This means that the model can easily withstand assault rifle fire and the impact of anti-personnel grenades, as it is equipped with superior BR7 level protection.

To manage the car's weight, a new stabilizer bar was installed at the rear, as well as adjustments to the suspension.

The engine is the original block, a 4.5-liter V8, more than enough to move that mass of 5.5 tons.

One of the functions of this vehicle is to detect and shoot down drones, with a radar that identifies the drones and activates the grenade launcher, responsible for taking them down.

Later, the downed drone can be recovered thanks to a motorcycle that is transported in the rear bucket of the armored vehicle.

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