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This is the T-Rex, a gigantic truck that shakes the ground like an earthquake.

The Large Mobile Shaker truck, better known as the T-Rex, because of the tremors it produces on the ground, similar to the footsteps of the T-Rex dinosaur, from the classic “Jurassic Park” franchise, is undoubtedly a truck that shakes any ground.

This truck is capable of delivering 27 tons of force to the ground at 30 times per second and is used by the University of Texas to study the ability of the ground at a given location to resist earthquakes, something very useful for building buildings, for example. .

This truck model is also used in the introduction of sensors under the ground to measure the power of the waves, being enough for the construction of power plants, for which an earthquake can be a critical phenomenon.

T-Rex is also used in assessing the needs of existing infrastructure and optimizing the design of future infrastructure so that communities become more resilient to hazards.

T-Rex, a gigantic truck that shakes the ground

In this video, Tom Scott, a well-known YouTuber from the UK, shows us the T-Rex in action and the effect it produces, as if there was an earthquake at that moment.

Professor Ken Stokoe, who participates in the project, tells a curious situation during the video:

“Once, the T-Rex erroneously operated at a higher level and caused such strong tremors in the ground that students ran out of the building in terror, believing it to be an earthquake,” he declared.

It would be interesting to know which engine moves this mass and consumption, which should not be low.

It is worth remembering that the gigantic truck can only operate at its lowest level on the university campus, for safety reasons.

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