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Toyota Tundra 6×6 comes ready for adventure in brilliant Dark Green and satin bronze

This totally exclusive Toyota Tundra 6×6, brings a fascinating dark color, but that refers to a model ready for a good adventure.

The new third-generation 2022 Toyota Tundra XK70 could be facing an uphill battle to snatch the sales crown from rival Detroit Three pickup trucks (Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, Ram 1500).

But that doesn't mean the model won't come equipped with everything it needs to survive even in the most hostile environment.

Recently, along with a plethora of aftermarket solutions, Toyota's TRD division has also introduced a dealer-installed TRD-branded three-inch lift kit of US$ 4K.

But frankly, that won't be enough if you're seriously planning on standing out from the crowd of full-size North American pickup trucks.

Don't worry as there are aftermarket solutions for this and one of the most extreme but also noteworthy ones would be a makeover. 6×6. 

The Miami-based team at Esteem Customs announced this build in April, and it wasn't vaporware, as you might imagine.

Instead, the newly exclusive first bespoke example was dressed in crimson on contrasting super-deep black Vossen HF6-5 aftermarket wheels in June.

The second build, of just five units planned for 2022, also came out similarly customized and fairly quickly, with the Tundra 6x6 posing in a tough quarry situation in August when specialist production was completed.

The company felt its mid-range creation, Dark Green and Satin Bronze Weld Off-Road Ledge 6 Toyota Tundra 6×6 deserved a second chance, with dark and thought-provoking features.

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