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1965 Lamborghini Tractor Fully Restored

A classic 1965 lamborghini 3 CTL tractor was auctioned, preserved as part of a private collection, has been fully renovated and restored to its original state in light blue and orange colors.

The fully functional 40 horsepower crawler tractor is powered by an air-cooled, three-cylinder diesel engine with a four-speed, dual-range manual transmission.

The tractor was equipped with front and rear lights, the wheels and engine housing are finished in orange, matching the upper body.

Traction is sent to the rear wheels via a portal axle-style system and large rear-wheel drive sprockets. Track tension is controlled by a fore-aft adjustment on the front idlers. A mudguard assembly is installed on the underside of the track tension and idler assembly.

A black vinyl upholstered seat is provided for the operator, and controls include handles for the differential steering system, a forward-reverse selector, a shifter for the four-speed transmission and controls for the PTO and other functions. The 2,500 rpm tachometer incorporates an hourmeter that shows a total of 5,800 hours, of which about five were added by the dealer.

The air-cooled 2.2L three-cylinder diesel engine is factory rated at 40 horsepower and is cooled by a ducted fan assembly on the left side of the engine compartment. Power is sent to the tracks via a four-speed dual-range transmission.

The data plate is affixed to the side of the engine case and indicates the engine type, number and speed at which peak power is produced.

An Italian registration booklet is included. A sample of the pages is shown in the gallery below, as is the Italian plaque.

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