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Vespa 946: Special Edition of Legendary Scooter Celebrating Chinese New Year

The Vespa scooter represents the Italian spirit, as well as being one of the most enduring models in the history of two wheels.

10 years have passed since the birth of the Vespa 946 and now, to honor China and its New Year's Eve, the Piaggio group has decided to launch a limited and numbered edition of just 1,000 units of the scooter born in Pontedera.

The one that has just been revealed by the Italian manufacturer is the first of a long series that will last 12 years and in which every year the Vespa 946 will celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year, celebrated in China as New Year's Eve, with the iconography of a new animal to which the horoscope refers.

The new Vespa pays homage to the Year of the Rabbit

January 22, 2023 marks the inauguration of the year of the rabbit, a symbol and omen of serenity, well-being and respect for the past.

And the edition that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Vespa 946 will be dedicated precisely to this animal, thus becoming the first piece of an important project that will reach 2035 and that will have one of the Italian icons of the world as the great protagonist, each time with a different outfit to better celebrate the event.

This special model is covered with a reinterpretation of the classic Vespa green, to symbolize the love of fun, lightness and the typical nature of those born under this sign, in which the stylized silhouette of a rabbit stands out.

Several details of the new Vespa have a polished finish with warm reflections, while the vehicle has handles sewn by hand with a needle and black thread, as well as the dark color of the saddle in double upholstery with polished stitching.

Since its debut in 2013, the Vespa 946 has established itself as the Vespa prototype of the future, interpreting the model's iconic values with a contemporary spirit, marrying the tradition that made the vehicle unique.

A masterpiece of Italian manufacture, which has now become a true collector's item, which takes shape on a dedicated production line, more like a haute couture atelier.

It therefore remains to wait for January 22, 2023, the start date of the lunar new year, to find out more details about the 10th anniversary of the Vespa 946: apart from the above, in fact, nothing more is known about the price and technical characteristics of the vehicle.

All the details that will be revealed in a few days when the Chinese New Year begins, an event that the new Vespa celebrates in style.

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