Saturday, December 3, 2022
StartNewsVIDEO: Borracheiro disappears after tire explosion

VIDEO: Borracheiro disappears after tire explosion

A video of a tire repairman disappearing gave rise to social media. It shows the exact moment when a truck tire explodes and the tire repairman simply disappears with the impact of the explosion.

In the image it is possible to see a man approaching the tire repairman when suddenly the explosion happens. The boy is stunned with his hands over his ear, while the tire repairman simply disappears from the image.

We don't know for sure what happened to the professional, but in cases like this the victim hardly resists, especially if the ring of jance hits the body, cutting off a limb.

In this situation, the necessary safety measures to inflate the tire were not respected. See some below:

▪︎Adjust the correct calibration in PSI indicated by the manufacturer;
▪︎Use safety equipment such as glasses and helmet;
▪︎Keep a safe distance;
▪︎Do not inflate hot tires (which were in use).

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