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StartcarsVideo: The secret vault of rare Volkswagen prototypes

Video: The secret vault of rare Volkswagen prototypes

American blogger Jamie Orr posted on his YouTube channel an exclusive video that he filmed in the secret warehouse of the Volkswagen Classic division in Wolfsburg. In a safe that is not accessible to the general public, many cars of the German company are stored. In addition, in the collection of specialists there are series models and rare prototypes, as well as cars that the company has never shown.

Credits: Jamie Orr/Youtube

The collection includes many rally cars, including two copies of the electrical prototype ID., and a battery-powered sports car that the company developed for circuit racing. Among the well-known models of the brand, the blogger found several modified prototypes prepared for the Paris-Dakar rally marathon. In this segment, the author of the video highlighted the eighth-generation “charged” Golf made by TCR. Also, the development of this sports car has not been officially completed, so even in the warehouse, the hot hatch is in a camouflage film.

Among other unusual vehicles, Jamie highlighted the experimental single-seat electric car NILS, one of the first Beetles built in 1964, and the unique modification of the Polo, equipped with a two-cylinder supercharged diesel engine. Also, in the video you can see several rare versions of Volkswagen Golf, Passat and scirocco from different generations. All cars are in perfect technical condition.

In mid-March, footage filmed inside an abandoned dealership in Spain was published on the web. Bloggers managed to capture a collection of classic BMWs covered in dust and dirt.

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