Thursday, February 9, 2023
StartcarsVirtual artist transforms Dodge Challenger into AMC Javelin in rendering

Virtual artist transforms Dodge Challenger into AMC Javelin in rendering

The AMC brand ceased to exist a long time ago time and there is no way to resuscitate her. Even so, enthusiasts want it to return, with valid products that would not be reincarnated Dodges, like most of the virtual returns that have made all kinds of references to the company over the years.

It has become quite common to look for AMC cars online, only to find renderings.

And by the way, recently virtual artist rostislav_prokop signed renderings for hotcars.official, highlighting the Dodge Challenger's roots.

The new rendering of the Dodge Challenger

The Pixel Master's hypothetical proposal looks like something out of a tune-up shop, or like a bodywork machine if you will, and it's not all that pretty.

Front and rear lighting units are inherited from real muscle car. In fact, the same can be said for the roofline and doors, for the most part.

Everything else has been slightly reinterpreted to set it apart from the Challenger, and most of the changes revolve around the rear end, which features muscular shoulders and a rather flashy spoiler.

The Javelin name is displayed on the lower parts of the rear side panels, while the AMC logo decorates the grille and trunk lid, right between the taillights.

While they're not exactly what you'd call special, the wheels are nice, with their concave shape and five-spoke design, they're black in appearance and match the car's gray finish.

Also, since this is basically a Dodge, the Hellcat V8 is the only engine that goes under the hood.

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