Thursday, February 9, 2023
StartcarsVolkswagen promises 10 new electric 100% models by 2026

Volkswagen promises 10 new electric 100% models by 2026

Volkswagen is certainly one of the companies that is betting big on the electrification plan.

THE manufacturer offer the ID 4, while the ID 3 is already running on the European continent and that's not counting the ID Buzz that promises to be a success, and this seems to be just the beginning of the automaker's electrification story.

Volkswagen's electric vehicle production plan

The company has just announced its new targets, including offering only electric vehicles on the European continent from 2033, initially the target was for 2035.

The information was confirmed by the great boss of Volkswagen, Thomas Schaefer, who took the moment to explain that the company had a new production strategy that involved thinking about the use of platforms.

Basically, Volkswagen will try to take advantage of economies of scale by producing different vehicles that share the same architecture and the same basic design, rather than building a single model per factory.

This strategy does not only concern the Volkswagen brand, but also other companies that are under its control.

In the future, the Volkswagen Group will also reduce the number of models of its various brands in order to achieve higher profit margins for Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda and the commercial vehicle division.

However, the strategy guarantees the production of 10 new electrical products that will be launched by 2026.

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