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Volkswagen SP2: Discover the history of the beautiful model launched exclusively in Brazil

Many are unaware of the existence of the Volkswagen SP2 model, a domestic sports car launched exclusively in Brazil.

The two-door coupe began production in 1972, a time when Volkswagen was barely entering the sports car scene.

O Volkswagen SP2 bore a questionable resemblance to the Alfa Romeos of that era, with its flamboyant, curved design.

Volkswagen plans to launch exclusive model in Brazil

At the time, Volkswagen turned its eyes to Brazil, due to the growing Brazilian market in relation to sports cars, in addition to seeking to promote the self-regulation of the brand's models in the territory and attract young, single and middle-class customers.

Therefore, the automaker decided to design the SP2 model, exclusively in the country, thus creating one of the most beautiful models of its time.

A design that really impresses

The bodywork of this spectacular model was available in three main colors: cream, red and light blue.

All shades came equipped with a striking black and red stripe slashing the car's side profile.

The SP2's elongated hood and design beckoned that the model was indeed a sports car, along with its elaborate square lights and stiff nose.

Volkswagen's Brazilian model was equipped with red leather seats, further enhancing the feeling of being a perfect vehicle for the race track.

Four small clocks and two large clocks covered the model's raised panel, above the stereo and air-conditioning system.

As far as design is concerned, during the 1970s the Volkswagen SP2 was quite complete. Its look was luxurious and exaggerated, all to provide comfort and happiness to the driver.

The Volkswagen SP2 engine

The Volkswagen SP2 followed the previous model, the SP1, in an attempt to add some oomph to its lack of horsepower.

A minimalist 1.7-liter Volkswagen four-cylinder engine was inside this model, producing just 75 horsepower.

The model can even reach 100 km/h, but it takes no less than 16 seconds to achieve the feat.

Now it is easy to understand why the model was called “Sem Potência” in the Brazilian market.

Unfortunately, there was still an attempt to fix the power outage issue the SP2 had, which eventually led to its short production lifespan of 4 years, with just over 11,000 units built in total.

Volkswagen received some pressure to launch a version of its SP2 for Europe and other parts of the world, but chose not to, signing an agreement with Porsche to develop a newer VW sports car known as the Porsche 924.

Even with its limitations in power and performance, the Volkswagen SP2 marked a generation thanks to its design and its attractive side silhouette.

Car collectors have surrendered to the SP2's stunning looks, and in recent years the model has become a true cult classic, with owners adding modern performance parts to its engine to boost its power.

At a recent auction, an SP2 sold for US$ 44,000, and that's largely due to the strength of the model's impeccable and attractive design.

No one can deny that the Volkswagen SP2 looks incredibly beautiful. Equipped with a new engine and some minor performance modifications, this would have been the perfect sports car of its generation.

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