Friday, January 27, 2023
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Volvo EX90 gets bright green crew cab and more storage in render

Volvo's latest product and most important as far as the brand's future is concerned, the EX90, has once again fallen victim to the rendering universe.


The green print pictured in the image gallery above came via X-Tomi Design on Facebook and is therefore not real. But then again, you really didn't think the Swedish car brand would start making pickup trucks, let alone battery electric ones, did you?

Envisioned as a single-cab pickup, it's identical to the real EX90 down to the B-pillars. The double-cab proposal has seating for two, and likely some storage behind the seats and a long open bed behind the passenger compartment.

The rear overhang is the same size as before, and the wheelbase has not been lengthened or shortened.

To further emphasize its zero-emission nature, the rendering artist gave it a bright green hue.

The vehicle also has black plastic coating on the lower parts of the body to the wheels, tires, side mirrors and even the charging port placement on the left rear fender carriage.

We'd like to see the tailgate design, but we'll have to let our imaginations run wild for that as it hasn't been sketched out.

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