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Volvo Trucks starts series production of electric trucks

The company Volvo Trucks is starting series production of 44-ton heavy electric trucks, being the first truck manufacturer in the world to embark on this endeavor.

Volvo Trucks begins series production of electric versions of its heavy trucks, which are the company's most important product line: Volvo FM, Volvo FH and Volvo FMX.

These are trucks that can operate with a total weight of 44 tons, with a combined gross weight and the three models listed represent about two-thirds of the company's sales.

With these latest additions, Volvo Trucks has six electric truck models in series production globally, representing the widest range of electric trucks in the entire trucking industry.

“This is a milestone and proof that we are a leader in transforming the entire heavy commercial vehicle industry. It's been less than two years since we launched our electric heavy trucks. We will now ramp up production and deliver these great trucks to customers across Europe,” says Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks.

The production of Volvo's electric trucks in 2023

Series production of Volvo's heaviest electric trucks will begin at the Tuve plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, and next year production will continue at the Ghent plant in Belgium.

Volvo produces electric trucks in the same range as its conventional trucks, which provides high production flexibility and increases efficiency. Batteries are supplied by the new battery assembly plant in Ghent.

Demand for electric trucks is growing rapidly in many markets, driven by the need for transportation service users to shift to fossil fuel-free transportation to meet their environmental sustainability goals.

Volvo Trucks' electric offering can meet the needs of around 45% of all goods transported in Europe today.

According to the Eurostat statistical survey “Road Transport by Distance” (2018), 45% of all goods transported by road in Europe cover distances of less than 300 km.

“We have sold over 1,000 examples of our heavy-duty electric trucks and over 2,500 electric trucks in total. These numbers are still small, but we expect significant growth in sales volume over the next two years. By 2030, at least 50% of the trucks we sell worldwide must be electric trucks,” says Roger Alm.

Volvo Trucks' electric range of six truck models covers a wide range of applications such as urban distribution and waste disposal, regional transport and construction.

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