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Stored for 60 years, VW Beetle 1950 found in Brazil could be worth 1 million reais

How much is a rare car worth? A classic VW Beetle 1950 Split Window is making waves on social media. Totally original and with just over 14,000 km on the odometer, the classic is from the year the Beetle was launched in Brazil and was stored for about six decades, covered by dust, in a house in the Cambuci neighborhood, in the central region of the capital of São Paulo. .

Last June, the home of the elderly owner caught fire. He ended up not surviving, the Beetle and other old cars still stored in the property, were saved by the Firefighters, who controlled the flames.

Imported from Germany, the black Beetle was acquired by the late owner's father in July 1951, as evidenced by the ownership certificate. After the fire, the vehicle ended up being passed on to a collector.

According to publicist Fernando Crucello, “Italia”, owner of the channel Rusty Vehicles Antiques, the car could be worth more than 1 million reais, even rumors that the vehicle had been sold for that amount were denied by Crucello. “What is the value of a Beetle, a national passion, with only 14 thousand km? There are people talking about US$ 200 thousand [about R$ 1,025 thousand in direct conversion], I think it's very little”, he highlighted.

And you, do you agree that rare cars in this state of conservation are priceless? How much would you pay for this rarity?

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