Discover the Incredible WWII Land Train with Kitchen, Beds and even Bathroom!


Have you ever imagined a land train that not only carries freight, but also offers sleeping quarters, a full kitchen, and even an incinerator bathroom? Well, the TC-497, developed during World War II by LeTourneau Technologies, is exactly that – a giant mobile bunker that was a real house on rails.

The TC-497 measures an impressive 150 meters long and is equipped with giant wheels designed to tackle any terrain. Although it was built during the Cold War, this colossus on rails had a relatively short lifespan, and today there are only a few preserved units left around the world. However, a Scottish YouTuber called Calum was lucky enough to find one of these rare and well-preserved examples.

During its period of use, the TC-497 land train was even larger, at around 170 meters long. Its giant wheels were electrically powered by hub motors, giving it the ability to tackle adverse terrain with ease. The electricity required was generated by gas turbine engines, with one located in the control cabin and others distributed by dedicated power cars.

What makes the TC-497 truly unique is its interior amenities. In addition to transporting tons of cargo, this rail giant is equipped with sleeping quarters, a fully functional kitchen and even a bathroom with an incineration system. Behind the bedrooms is an engine room where the generator was located, ensuring that all amenities on board worked perfectly.

If you're wondering how this monster on rails was operated, the answer is surprisingly simple. Two rotary levers controlled its direction and speed, and the driver's cab was equipped with switches and dial buttons for communication. However, it is important to note that these controls no longer function, as the TC-497 is no longer in service.

The TC-497 is not the only example of LeTourneau Technologies' land trains. Calum, the lucky Scottish YouTuber who found it, features other fascinating models on his channel. Although the company built many of these giant mobile bunkers during its heyday, only a few of them have stood the test of time and are now impressive rarities.

In short, the TC-497 is a fascinating piece of history that combines World War II past with surprising technology. With its unique design and impressive amenities, it is a reminder of human ingenuity in times of conflict.

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