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You Won't Believe How Much This "Worthless" Ferrari Was Sold

By having sitting in a barn for over 4 decades, it's no wonder this “old” Ferrari 250 GTE is all rotted away and covered in moss. In yours better daysHowever, this particular model had a light metallic blue paintwork (called “Azzuro”), with light blue leather upholstery.

Unfortunately, he was involved in a very bad accident just 3 weeks after the initial delivery, after which the owner managed to get a replacement with his insurance money. This one in particular was presumably sold for repairs.

It was found again in 1971, bought two years later and used for 10 years in a row by the seller who took it to the store. Brightwells Auction House. But the four decades it's been sitting in a barn have left their mark on this rusty 250 GTE - the engine has been removed, the front row seats are missing and it has no gearbox.

In good condition this Ferrari 250 GTE could be worth around £350,000. This one in particular will likely end up as a part donor for a Lusso or GTO replica, as it's too damaged to come to life again.

But even so, it went up for auction in June with a hammer price of just £110,000 – £109,536 to be exact, which is over $$ 130,000. Add to that another $$ 180,000 that experts believe it would cost to restore, and this 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE is far from useless.

Quite a lot for a car in this condition, but not as much as the Ferrari GTO in the same 250 series, which is among the most expensive classic cars in the world, with auction prices up to $$ 70 million!

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